Flood Insurance Information for Cape Coral and Fort Myers Homes


We at Pearsall Properties are here to help homeowners in the Cape Coral Fort Myers area with flood information on their homes.  If you are buying or selling a home in Cape Coral or buying or selling a home in Fort Myers this could be useful information for you and your family.

Lee County provides Flood Insurance Rate Map information that is required for a National Flood Insurance Program.  They also offer flood protection assistance about your structure or parcel, and this may include a site visit. Some jurisdictions may also send you a “FIRM” letter listing both the required information and additional information including:

All FIRM panel information;

Flood zone and base flood elevation, presence of floodway or COBRA/OPA zone

Coastal High Hazard Area, Coastal Building Zone, Windspeed Building Risk Category

Evacuation Zone

Watershed identification and related issues

Grade elevation and issues related to the difference between grade and BFE.

Everyone can access basic FIRM information through an online search by address, owner or STRAP number at http://leegis.leegov.com/floodzone

Additional flood hazard research specific to a parcel can be done at http://leegis.leegov.com/leespins

Know the flood warning systems, protect investment in property and contents with flood insurance.

Ask your community floodplain manager about flood protection assistance

Obey hurricane evacuation notices

Before you remodel, learn about flood regulations and building codes

Report blocked ditches, swales and canals to your jurisdiction

Get a print or online copy of the Lee County All-Hazard Guide


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