Hurricanes hitting homes in Cape Coral, FL is rare

Hurricane season is upon us once again and the question I get asked the most is how likely is it that a hurricane hit my house?  Below you can see a map showing the US hurricane strikes and clearly you can see that we are one of the least likely places to get hit.

Makes living here all the more special.  If you are looking for a home to purchase in SW Florida, in the Fort Myers or Cape Coral area this should calm your fears a bit.  While many Florida homes have been ravaged by storms over the years the houses in Cape Coral and Fort Myers have by and large been unaffected.  Donna in 1960 and Charlie in 2004 were a rarely seen sight and were 44 years apart.

Mostly for Cape Coral and Fort Myers homes these are wind and rain events.  Whether you have a waterfront home, pool home, inland home, canal front or golf course home it is the same.  We will keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way.  My Cape Coral home is not for sale as I like these odds and love the incredible weather here in Southwest Florida so much that I am staying put.

Hurrican Strike Map of US

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