Take out the SOB’s, Kill the Unions

I’ve had it. The Vice President has called the Tea Party members Terrorists. The Black Caucus has said we want to see them hanging from ropes. Jimmy Hoffa just said to “Take out the Son of Bitches. Maxine Waters said we can “Go to Hell”. Well, I’ve had it. I’m sick and tired of being called a racist, bigot, tea bagger, gun toting, bible thumping and whatever other nasty thing they can think of to say and stand by without response. I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut and allowing this to happen.

At 3 pm today in Cape Coral FL there is a protest by the Unions because our city is broke and they still want all of their free stuff. The union wants the Sergeants pay to increase by $19K in the next contract. WTF? I read something the other day that explains quite well what is going on in this country and around the world. It went something like this:

The people that are rioting are the people that get free stuff. The free stuff is bankrupting our Nation so the free stuff has to stop. The people that get the free stuff want to keep getting the free stuff, but those of us that pay for the free stuff are tired of paying for their free stuff especially in light of the fact that most of us are having a hard time paying for our own stuff. So the Unions and our President are teaching the people that get the free stuff to hate the people that pay for the free stuff because they are racist bigots because they don’t want to pay for other people to have all this free stuff any more.

For crying out loud. Here in the Fort Myers Cape Coral area people lost their jobs and then their homes. The radio has commercials for you to come get your free food stamps. And commercials to come and get your free cell phone. The problem is the people that get the free stuff believe the statement that it is “free stuff” because unlike us they aren’t paying for it. But those of us that are paying for it know that nothing from the government is “free”. They had to steal it from someone before they can give it to another person.

Just today I was in subway on Cape Coral Parkway and in drove to decked out police cars, one a K-9 SUV, and the side of both cars said Coral Gables. I thought what in the world are 2 police vehicles doing here from Coral Gables. I’ll bet they are here for the protest. So tired of being quite, when they came in the store I asked what they were doing so far from home. They said they were here for training and I asked are you sure you are not here for the protest. They said no they were here for training, but that they agree with the protesters. Well of course they do, they are the people that get free stuff outrageous benefits and over the top retirements, all at the cost of you and me. I don’t believe they are here for training but if they are someone should be fired! Who paid for not one but TWO cars to drive all the way here for training? The taxpayers, that’s who! One person in each vehicle. If they really came here for training and it was on the taxpayers dime then ONE car should have come and there should have been an ass in every seat.

Wake up America! It is time to Stand Up and Speak Out!

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