US President has blood on his hands

Our Government, especially our President, have blood on their hands.  This is the result of the Arab spring that Obama cheered on.  And for heavens sake please stop listening to them saying this all started over a video.  IT DID NOT.  A map of the future was put together 3 years ago that showed the middle east on fire, it showed EXACTLY what is happening right now.  This map was put up 2 YEARS before that stupid little film was made.  This is the result of our Government Foreign Policy and his appeasement of monsters.  His constant apologies show us as weak to our enemies.  Why should we apology for our 1st Amendment rights.  I’ve watched the film, it wasn’t a B film is was a D film or worse.  But hey this is the United States of America and we have freedom of speech.  Hell, my own President said “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Translation “Gun toting, Bible thumping, racist, bigots.”  Well I find that to be pretty offensive, but I DEFEND his right to say it.  And I defend my right to say history will show him to be the worst President in the history of our country and it will take decades to erase the black mark he has put on it, if in fact he hasn’t destroyed it before leaving office.  I despise the fact that my taxes will pay for the man for the rest of his life that has tried to overthrow our country because he is a Muslim, anti-Capitalist that hates America.  I despise the fact that my taxes will pay for secret service to protect him and his America hating wife and children.

This has nothing to do with the film, it was planned and coordinated for 9/11.  As usual our government is lying to us!  Just another notch in the Presidents plan to overthrow the Unites States.  Israel is on the move, they have no choice.  Iran is planning to attack both us and Israel.  The President has again snubbed Israel.  They have asked to meet with him and he was too busy because he was going on David Lettermen.  Israel has asked the President to come to their country and he has said no.  He doesn’t support Israel, he supports the Muslim Terrorists!

REMEMBER these photos when you vote!  What if this was your husband, son, father, brother?  These people are animals.

So,   what do you think?  Take a look at the following graphic   photos.   Does Obama get another “Incomplete” here, or is this   another B+ by his standards, or is this a total, abject, abysmal and tragic   foreign policy Failure?  It’s totally your call . . .  on November   6. 2012.  I will politely and quietly ask you to please remember these   photos when you cast your ballot . . .  because they could haunt you   after the election.

Here is our American Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, diplomat, father, husband, and American Citizen, being dragged through the streets of Benghazi , and your President does NOTHING! . . . except go to Las Vegas for a fund raiser, plus two more today.

To most Americans this is an act of war.  To our president it’s just another act of office violence like Fort Hood . He and the Secy of State have already apologized and will soon send them another $6.3 Billion in foreign aid. This is as sad as it gets.



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