Whistleblower at Acorn, Finally America is waking up!

This was sent to me by one of my Liberal friends that voted for Obama and is now starting to see the light. The Democrat Party was hijacked and I feel bad for people like her who were hoodwinked and voted for him because they were not yet awake and informed. I have tremendous respect for her for admitting to her mistake because it reminds me of when I realized that the Republican Party was a sham. What an eye opener that was for me. Which is also when I realized that our Country was in serious trouble and since then I have worked hard to become educated about our form of Government, a Republic (not a Democracy which is what the Left calls us), above what little we were taught in school and have studied our forefathers and their writings so that hopefully I can help to turn our country around.

It is good to see America coming awake and finally the black community especially, to see that it is the Liberals who have held them in slavery and poverty for the last century and that neither the Republicans or the Democrats will get them out, that it is the conservative movement that will changes things, specifically the constitutional conservatives.

There are sources in and around the White House that say Obama is planning something to allow him to declare a National Emergency and put us under Martial Law before the election thereby averting it and remaining in power. Hopefully the light being placed on this will prevent it from happening.

So, if we still can, make sure you vote in November. Never in your life has a vote been more important, our Republic is at stake!

Part 1


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